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Inside the fantasy of a moving silence

In the heart of the impassable forest, we met the work of Eglė Babilaitė ... The peculiarity of the environment is necessary for the viability of her creation, whether on the edge of the Baltic or at the gates of Provence. Having escaped from rigorous academic studies completed in her native Lithuania, and without denying this, Eglė quickly became a mobile and travelling artist. Her travels from Vilnius to Kaliningrad, Reykjavik, Sakhnas, Nida, Brussels, Strasbourg, Caros, Monaco, New York, Ahrenshoop, Hong Kong, Milan ... The form of declared cosmopolitanism, combining many exiles, direct or indirect, that are present in her works. The creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Madonna with a Baby by Robert Campina or the plan of the Orthodox Church can really become an invitation for a voluntarily monumental work with a strong autobiographical accent.

If the viewer likes to find here or there some echoes of pop culture, as well as materialistic or psychedelic echoes, then the forms and colors will make sure to remind you of inspiration, perhaps with a picture of the artists of Flemish primitivism. This discovery in space and time brings together an extensive range of embodied gestures: drawing, modelling, casting, pasting, blending, repetition, imaging, and drawing again, up to ecstasy... Egle prefers large formats, most often on the classical support of wrapped canvas, which, in addition to painting, welcomes a wide variety of materials. By enriching the bright and rich colorful palette, gold leaf is involved in the decoration or architecture of her figurative compositions. An exciting feature of the artist's work, relief, which seems to accentuate (by coloring notes “over” or “hyper”) realism without the borders of representation, by multiplying contrasts and the impact of materials.

Same as windows open to phantasmagoric imagination, her paintings translate "silence full of movement and anxiety," emphasizes her twin sister Ieva Babilaitė, who is also an artist and author of works of art, which stands out and complements her own work with its captivating spiritual intimacy and depth, minimalism and memory imprint. Without aiming for tenderness, Eglė seeks surprise with twists and turns of everyday life in order to reach a point that affects, fills and disrupts the ability to transform the reality of the future. This unique creation, associated with the world of childhood, nourished by the fantasy of sleep, is located on the edge of the huge streams of the modern scene and in its own way bypasses the shackles formed by schools, styles, and boundaries.

True to the soothing silence of the fish - the keepers of secrets, as well as to the sharp gaze of countless birds that are depicted by Eglė, employing the meaning of human body movements she transforms and elevates the bodies above the substrate, where life and death become accomplices. Thus, since her workshop enters into osmosis with nature, she tries to convey a message about combating aggression and violence in ways that will be available to everyone. 

Frédérik Brandi
Director of the International Center for Contemporary Art of Carros - France
CIAC - Château de Carros


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