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Denis Malykh

The work of this Lithuanian artist is unique in many aspects. Egle works in a rare plastic and volumetric painting technique. It is this technique that makes each of her paintings, frescoes and ornaments exceptional.
Initially, the structure, the landscape of the canvas is formed with the help of a volumetric material and only then does the artist begin the "finishing". It is not only the paint that is applied onto the canvas. In her latest works the artist has been actively using enamel and gold leaf, which attributes to her scenery, among everything else, an exceptional decorative effect. However, Egle’s landscapes aren’t only interesting for the decorative sumptuousness or the unusual character of the plastic forms.
An attentive spectator will see a multitude of symbols pointing us towards the depth and dusk of the ages. The ages enveloped in the veil of secrets, myths and mysticism. The universes, eluding the reality of time, in which, among people lived angels and demons, apostles and saints, and God for them was as real as the Internet is for the people of our time. We see a man with wings (who is this? Angel? Morpheus? Moira?), fishes, birds and a multitude of other, sometimes extraordinary symbols. Egle's paintings "live" on such a fine line of "reality" and "wonder", that we look at the "world" created by a painter from which the faerie bird with the "humane" eyes is staring back at the spectator...
Extraordinary, beautiful, sumptuous, intelligent and interesting. All these epithets can be applied when referring to the art of Egle Babilaite. A magnificent example of the "intellectual painting". Full of talent, without a doubt.
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Denis Malykh
Art collector, family friend


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